Frequently asked questions

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FAQs for pilots

How can I schedule a flight to Lydia Aerodrome with my airplane?

To visit the Aerodrome it is mandatory to complete the PPR form. Also, all flights operating within Athinai FIR require the submission of a flight plan.

What is the Maximum Take Off Weight for aircrafts?

The MTOW is 5700 kg.

What are the Lydia Aerodrome operating hours?

Please check the link (the link I sent with the airport operating hours).

Which are the dimensions of the runway at Lydia Aerodrome?

The runway (13-31 orientation) is 1330m long (4360 feet) in both directions. The width of the Runway is 28m (92 feet.).

Can I refuel my airplane after landing?

Lydia Aerodrome provides integrated Fuel Service at the Fuel Park inside the Aerodrome. Please submit your request in the relevant field of the PPR form.

Is there an airplane parking place?

We provide 28 parking stands. Request shall be submitted via the PPR form.

Does the aerodrome support night flights?

Lydia Aerodrome supports night flights, as it is equipped with Runway Edge and End lights, PAPI system, Threshold lights, RTILS and TAXI lights.

Which is the Radio frequency of the Aerodrome?

The Air Traffic Radio Operator frequency is 135.505 MHz and the provided service is UNICOM.

Is there any aircraft maintenance service?

We provide a full maintenance and CAMO service, inside the all-new Aerodrome hangar.

How can I book a parking slot?

You can book your parking space by completing the relevant point in the PPR form.

FAQs for visitors

Is there any place in the Aerodrome to watch the planes?

For the moment, there is not an observation point but in the near future we will create coffee and restaurant places, in which you could enjoy all the aviation activities!

Can we visit the aerodrome for a guided tour as a group (or School)?

You may have an organized tour of our facilities upon request. For more information contact admissions department at: info@egnatia-aviation.com.

Why are the airplanes going round and round over the aerodrome?

A basic part of the training for a pilot’s license is the procedure of taking-off and landing. In order to practice this enough, the circuit is flown repeatedly so that the student may gain sufficient experience.

Sometimes the aircrafts go the other way round the circuit - why is that?

The direction of take-off or landing is governed by the wind direction. An aircraft takes off and lands in the opposite direction to the wind.

Could I learn to fly an aircraft?

Yes of course you can. Start by contacting Egnatia Aviation Flight Training College and book a trial lesson.

Who is responsible for the operation of the Aerodrome?

The operation of the Aerodrome is carried out by specialized and trained staff of Egnatia Aviation Group, covering key positions inside and outside the airside area.

How can I get to the aerodrome?

There is a bus stop just outside the premises connecting the aerodrome to the cities of Kavala and Drama. Also, taxi service is available. As the aerodrome is located near the exit of Egnatia Motorway, it is easily accessible by car.

How can I comment or make a suggestion about my experiences at the airport?

Everyone can leave a comment on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google) and rate his/her experience. All comments and ratings are welcome and help us improve our services towards aerodrome users.

I have a product and/or service that I think the airport can use. Who shall I contact?

Please write an email describing the product and/or service and a brief description about your company at: info@lgkm.aero.

Is there a meeting point?

At Lydia Aerodrome the meeting point is next to the Information desk.