Welcome to Kavala Amygdaleonas aerodrome "Lydia"

A new General Aviation (GA) Aerodrome, offering extensive aviation services, has been created in Greece!

The new Amygraleonas aerodrome “LYDIA” in Kavala offers full aviation facilities and services for both private visiting aircraft and aviation businesses. A modern GA aerodrome based on the best examples of GA airports is waiting for you!

An excellent location for a visit and a holiday, but also an ideal aerodrome for any aviation business such as training, aircraft maintenance and stores. In the near future, the site will also offer accommodation, food and recreational facilities on site.

Ready to accommodate all General Aviation needs, providing services to the level of excellence:

  • Flight Operations 7 days a week, Sunrise / Sunset plus night (twice a week and upon request).
  • Unlimited training opportunities for ATOs within the currently expanded aerodrome ATZ, Kavala TMA and neighbor Training Areas.
  • General Aviation A/C Cross Service / Maintenance / Hangarage.
Amygdaleonas Aerodrome, “Lydia”
Amygdaleonas, Kavala, 64 012, Greece